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A Brief Biography of Joseph Maharaj

Joseph Maharaj brings his strong business management background into the lucrative field of real estate investments and the emerging field of cryptocurrency. His interest in all aspects of business management and corporate strategic planning began after his admission to the University of Pennsylvania.

After completing his studies at the Wharton School of Business, Maharaj embarked upon a career path that included progressively responsible assignments in management and leadership covering many areas of business practice. Maharaj continues his business pursuits with new initiatives and LLCs he has launched since 2019.

Establishing a Background in Business Management

After finishing high school, Maharaj gained admission to the University of Pennsylvania, where he decided to major in Business during his undergraduate career. He took courses that covered all facets of this field within the prestigious Wharton School. He benefited from the extensive scholarly and academic resources available from the university and saw the value of leadership within business practices.

The environment at Wharton's premier business school offered Maharaj a strong foundation. The interdisciplinary nature of the general university's liberal arts curriculum gave him an interest in understanding the larger social and cultural dynamics in which businesses develop and flourish. Beyond the time he spent in the classroom, Maharaj learned the value of establishing strong professional networks.

Maharaj earned his baccalaureate degree in Business in 2004. Taking the business principles and leadership skills he gained at the Wharton School, Maharaj embarked upon a business career.

A Project Manager and Professional

After completing his studies at the Wharton School, Joseph Maharaj quickly applied the theories he learned in the classroom into practice. During the next 15 years, he developed a solid and forward-moving path as an Operations Executive, Project Management Professional, and Change Management Specialist. At each step along his professional journey, Maharaj sought opportunities to strengthen the mission of his employer and the teams assigned to him through his strong focus on leadership.

Between 2004 and 2019, Maharaj took on progressively responsible roles in corporate settings. He led large-scale teams on well-defined organizational endeavors with increasing levels of complexity.

As a leader, Maharaj oversaw the implementation of various initiatives while managing teams and cultivating leadership skills. He maintained responsibility and full accountability for all aspects of the larger projects he managed. The increasing level of authority entrusted to Maharaj allowed him to oversee a growing number of corporate and strategic planning endeavors of ever-increasing complexity.

During this period, Maharaj became an expert at understanding the nuanced and important intricacies of team leadership and team dynamics. As a leader and mentor to those under his purview, he encouraged others to assume responsibility and take ownership of their assigned duties.

Maharaj became a passionate believer in the Six Sigma principles and philosophies. Embracing a strong understanding of these specific professional tools, he earned the Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. This highly-regarded credential recognizes candidates who demonstrate knowledge of lean enterprise concepts.

New and Lucrative Directions

Joseph Maharaj transitioned from the broader corporate world to a more focused interest in real estate in 2019. Seeing the substantial value and understanding of current market trends and demands in the region, he became the owner of multifamily real estate investments.

He established Maharaj Capital Investments LLC as a company to manage his growing interest in real estate investments. This enterprise was registered on September 17, 2021, and is currently an active and expanding enterprise.

Maharaj also has great faith in the promise and potential of cryptocurrency. From his earlier professional endeavors, he became well-versed in understanding market trends. He established and registered Kingmaker Digital Assets LLC on December 14, 2021 as an enterprise for his involvement in his emerging investments in digital currency.

A passionate fan of family-based travel opportunities, Joseph Maharaj founded Family Meets LLC on December 14, 2021. This Connecticut Domestic LLC will serve as a portal for his plans to create a family website and blogs related to travel trends and opportunities for families. Similar to his new initiatives in real estate investment and cryptocurrency, Maharaj predicts great success with this endeavor.

Beyond the Business World

Joseph Maharaj and his wife of nearly 15 years enjoy the cultural and community opportunities available in and around Goldens Bridge, New York. He volunteers his time as a tee-ball coach and has served as a baseball coach in Lewisboro, New York for the past four seasons. In addition to participating in church and other social activities, Maharaj supports charitable causes that benefit the community.


Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. Bachelor's degree, 2004.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Six Sigma.

Significant Milestones

Fifteen years of progressive experience in corporate leadership and business management.

Present focus on investments in multifamily real estate investment, cryptocurrency, and family-based travel blogs.


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